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Housing Data Guide

Welcome to our summary of the data we regularly use when researching the UK’s housing market. The final four columns provide a summary of the geographies that the data is available at though it may be possible/required to aggregate data up to higher levels.

Please do get in touch if you think we’ve missed anything or you find a broken link.

Date CategoryPublisherData SeriesMeasure(s)FrequencyCountryRegionLASub LA
ActivityHMLRPrice Paid DataIndividual transactions by type, new/existing, leasehold/freeholdMonthlyE,WYYY
ActivityONSHouse Price IndexSales (WARNING: undercounts activity in England & Wales)MonthlyE,W,S,NIYYN
ActivityHMRCMonthly property transactionsTransactionsMonthlyE,W,S,NIYNN
ActivityBank of EnglandMoney and CreditMortgage approvals, gross and net secured lendingMonthlyUKNNN
ActivityUK FinanceMortgage Lending Within UK PostcodesOutstanding mortgage lendingQuarterly--NY
ActivityBank of EnglandCredit Conditions SurveySupply and demand for secured creditQuarterlyUKNNN
ActivityFCAMortgage Lending and Administration ReturnMortgage lending statisticsQuarterlyUKNNN
ActivityFCAProduct sales dataMortgage lending statisticsAnnualE,W,S,NIYNN
ActivityDLUHCSocial housing salesRight to Buy sales and social housing salesQuarterlyEYYN
TaxHMRCAnnual Tax on Enveloped Dwellings (ATED) StatisticsReceipts, liable transactionsAnnualUKYYN
TaxHMRCQuarterly Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) statisticsReceipts, transactionsQuarterlyE,NINNN
TaxHMRCUK Stamp Tax statisticsReceipts, transactionsAnnualE,W,S,NIYYN
TaxONSCurrent receipts:Taxes on production:Stamp dutyReceiptsMonthlyUKNNN
New SupplyDLUHCHousing supply: net additional dwellingsNet additions, completions, conversions, change of use etcAnnualEYYN
New SupplyDLUHCHousing supply: indicators of new supply statisticsStarts and completions (WARNING: undercounts activity)QuarterlyEYYN
New SupplyDLUHCAffordable housing supplyAffordable completions by tenureAnnualEYYN
New SupplyDLUHCEnergy Performance of Buildings CertificatesNew Build EPCs, average size, typeQuarterlyEYYY
New SupplyDLUHCHelp to Buy: equity loan statisticsCompletions by type and tenureQuarterlyEYYN
New SupplyVOACouncil Tax: stock of propertiesNet additionsAnnualE,WYYY
New SupplyHomes EnglandHousing StatisticsStarts and completions by programme and tenureQuarterlyEYYN
Dwelling StockDLUHCCouncil TaxbaseChargeable dwellings, empty dwellings, second homesAnnualEYYN
Dwelling StockDLUHCDwelling stock estimates in EnglandDwellings by tenureAnnualEYYN
Dwelling StockDLUHCEnergy Performance of Buildings CertificatesEnergy performance, average size, type, energy efficiencyQuarterlyEYYY
Dwelling StockVOACouncil Tax: stock of propertiesCouncil tax band, property type, build periodAnnualE,WYYY
Dwelling StockONSSubnational estimates of dwellings and households by tenureTenure estimates - owner occupied vs private rentedAnnualEYYN
House PricesHMLRPrice Paid DataIndividual transactions by type, new/existing, leasehold/freeholdMonthlyE,WYYY
House PricesONSUK House Price IndexHouse price indices by typeMonthlyE,W,S,NIYYN
House PricesONSHouse price statistics for small areasUQ,Mean, Median, LQ prices and transactionsQuarterlyE,WYYY
House PricesNationwideHouse Price IndexHouse price indices by typeMonthly/QuarterlyE,W,S,NIYNN
House PricesHalifaxHouse Price IndexHouse price indicesMonthly£££N
House PricesZooplaHouse Price IndexHouse price indicesMonthly££££
House PricesRightmoveHouse Price IndexAsking price indicesMonthly£££N
RentsDLUHCLocal authority housing dataLA housing data collected through LAHS systemAnnualEYYN
RentsDLUHCSocial housing lettingsSocial housing lettings data collected through CORE systemAnnualEYYN
RentsONSIndex of Private Housing Rental PricesTotal rent paid indicesMonthlyE,W,S,NIYNN
RentsONSPrivate rental affordabilityPrivate rents as % of gross incomeAnnualEYNN
RentsONSPrivate rental market summary statistics in EnglandUQ, Mean, Median, LQ rents by bedroomSix MonthsEYYN
RentsZooplaRental Market ReportRental indicesMonthly£££N
RentsRightmoveRental Price TrackerRental indices and rental dataQuarterly££££
RentsHomeletRental IndexRental indicesMonthlyE,W,SYNN
AffordabilityONSHousing affordability in England and WalesHouse price to earnings ratiosAnnualE,WYYN
AffordabilityBank of EnglandEffective Interest RatesMortgage ratesMonthlyUKNNN
AffordabilityBank of EnglandQuoted Interest RatesMortgage ratesMonthlyUKNNN
AffordabilityONSHouse Price Index: annual tables 20 to 39House prices, incomes, mortgage advances, lending multiplesAnnualUKYNN
AffordabilityONSUK house price data: quarterly tablesHouse prices, incomes, mortgage advancesQuarterlyUKYNN
Housing StressUK FinanceMortgage Arrears and PossessionsMortgage arrears and possessionsQuarterlyUKNNN
Housing StressMoJMortgage and Landlord Possession StatsMortgage and landlord possessionsQuarterlyE,WNNN
Housing StressDLUHCHomelessness statisticsVarious measures on homelessnessQuarterlyEYYN
DemographicsONSEstimates of the populationPopulation by age and components of changeAnnualE,W,S,NIYYN
DemographicsONSPopulation estimates by small areasPopulation by ageAnnualE,WYYY
DemographicsONSNational population projectionsProjections of population by age and components of changeAnnualE,W,S,NINNN
DemographicsONSSubnational population projections for EnglandProjections of populationAnnualEYYN
DemographicsONSHousehold projections for EnglandProjections of householdsAnnualEYYN
DemographicsONSLocal area migration indicators, UKMigration flowsAnnualE,W,S,NIYYN
DemographicsONSInternal migrationDomestic migration by age and sexAnnualEYYN
DemographicsONSLife expectancy estimates, all ages, UKLife expectancy by ageAnnualE,W,S,NIYYN
DemographicsONSBirths in England and WalesBirths and fertility ratesAnnualE,WNNN
DemographicsONSDeaths registered by area of usual residence, UKMortality ratesAnnualE,W,S,NIYYN
DemographicsHome OfficeImmigration statisticsNumber and reasons for coming to the UKQuarterlyUKNNN
EconomicsONSEmployee earnings in the UKEarnings by place of residence/work, FT/PT, age, decileAnnualE,W,S,NIYYN
EconomicsONSRegional labour marketUnemployment, economic inactivity, claimant countMonthlyE,W,S,NIYYN
EconomicsONSRegional gross disposable household incomeGross disposable income - total and per headAnnualE,W,S,NIYYN
EconomicsONSGDP, UK regions and countriesEconomic growthQuarterlyE,W,S,NIYYN
SurveyONSCensusLatest is 2011, 2021 outputs expected from Spring 2022Ten YearsE,WYYY
SurveyDLUHCEnglish Housing SurveyHousehold and dwelling profilesAnnualEYNN
SurveyDWPFamily Resources SurveyIncome, tenure, disability, pension, savings, food securityAnnualUKNNN
SurveyONSLabour Force SurveyEmployment, age, tenure, householdsQuarterlyE,W,S,NIYNN
SurveyBank of EnglandNMG Household SurveyIncome and spendingAnnualUKYNN
Land UseDLUHCLand use in EnglandDeveloped and non-developed land useAnnualEYYN
Land UseCopernicusCORINE Land CoverLand Cover/UseSix Years---Y
Land UseDLUHCGreen belt statisticsTotal and change in green belt areaAnnualEYYN
Land UseDEFRA2011 Rural Urban ClassificationArea classificationTen YearsEYYY
OtherDLUHCEnglish indices of deprivationmeasures of deprivationFew YearsEYYY
OtherONSSocial mobility indexSocial MobilityOne off (2017)EYYN
OtherONSPersonal well-being in the UKLife Satisfaction & HappinessAnnualE,W,S,NIYYN
OtherDFTJourney time statisticsTravel time to selected services/amenitiesAnnualEYYY

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