Suitability of Housing

Housing is unsuitable for everyone that needs it. The existing housing stock is under increasing strain as the population rapidly grows, ages, and changes how it uses housing. Unfortunately, the housing stock is far slower and sometimes unable to respond to these changes.

The housing stock is also ageing. Over 20% of all homes were built more than 100 years ago and, at current rates of demolition, existing homes will have to last over 2,000 years. An ageing stock means that too many existing homes (and some new ones) are not of an appropriate quality while nearly as much money is spent on the repair and maintenance of existing housing as on building new homes.

An ageing housing stock also raises concerns about its environmental impact and ability to deal with changing climate conditions. Meanwhile, the ageing population requires housing that is flexible and can be adapted to changing needs. However, the need for housing to be flexible is not just limited to older people. Changing needs amongst younger people have seen growing numbers living in poor quality private rented homes that once would’ve been occupied by families.

Suitability Issues:

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