JRF – Reboot

JRF – Reboot: building a housing market that works for all

A year ago it was already clear that the UK economy was entering a new phase that would have major impacts on the housing market. Our Reboot report for JRF sought to challenge some of the common housing market assumptions and map out a likely path of the emerging downturn.

The report made the case for a coherent strategy of funding and policy interventions to both address the immediate challenges of a downturn and initiate fundamental reform of the UK’s housing market, by making the most of the opportunities for structural change presented by the new market conditions

One year on, we can now assess how our predictions of a downturn have fared – and the strength of the policy recommendations we made then. This is the first in a series of thematic updates, focusing on new housing supply.

Further updates in the coming months will review the state of the private rental sector, homeownership and homelessness.

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