Local Authority Housing Supply

Housing Supply by Local Authority – updated 07.12.2023

We have previously written and talked about about the challenges with housing supply data. To help understand the problems with the data and housing supply trends in local markets, we have produced the following charts summarising some of the key housing supply data for local authorities across England. They contain the following data:

New Build Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) – these are a good leading indicator for total housing supply – DLUHC Table NB1

Indicators of New Supply – the most frequently used housebuilding data showing quarterly new build completions but undercount delivery in some markets – DLUHC Table 253a

Net Additional Dwellings – Perhaps the best measure of supply and includes other contributor such as changes of use, conversions, and demolitions. Only available annually so we’ve interpolated the data to create a quarterly series – DLUHC Table 122

New Build Completions – This is the new build completions component of the net additional dwellings measure and is also only available annually – DLUHC Table 123

Council Tax Valuation List – This is the net change in the number of properties on the VOA council tax valuation list. It is also only available annually – VOA Stock of Properties

Click the links in the table below to view the full sized chart for each local authority.

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