UK Housing Market Dashboard

The following data are for the UK unless otherwise stated.

For information on local markets, please have a look at our local authority housing market reports.

House Prices

Annual Change
(latest month)
Annual Change
(previous month)
Month Published
ONS1.2%1.5%May 2019
Nationwide0.5%0.6%June 2019
Halifax4.1%5.7%June 2019
Rightmove-0.2%0.0%July 2019

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Current Annual Total% Change Since
Previous Year
Month Published
HMRC Transactions1,185,750-1.5%May 2019
HMLR Transactions1,037,560-5.0%March 2019
BoE Mortgage Approvals
for House Purchase
785,8020.4%May 2019
UK Finance Mortgage
Approvals for
House Purchase
482,1301.2%May 2019

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Buyer Types

May 2019
(12month total)
% Change Since
Previous Year
% Change Since
2006/07 Peak
Mortgaged First-Time
Mortgaged Movers357,300-3.1%-51%
Mortgaged Buy-to-Let65,500-9.2%-65%
Cash Only400,700-0.2%-8%

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New Supply – England

Latest Annual Total% Change Since
Previous Year
Period Covered
(4 quarters to…)
NHBC Completions129,2961%Q4 2018
MHCLG Housebuilding:
169,7706%Q1 2019
MHCLG New Build EPCs244,63013%Q1 2019
MHCLG Housing Supply:
195,2906%Q1 2018
MHCLG Housing Supply:
Net Additions
222,1902%Q1 2018
in Council Taxbase
222,0004%Q3 2018
HMLR New Build Sales
(A data only)
105,8372%Q4 2018

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