A HOUSING CRISIS? – More like a series of local crises needing local solutions

Our 2018 research for Sky News looked at how the crisis in housing varies across the UK and shows how there are a range of different and sometimes overlapping housing crises.

While some of the underlying causes impact across the nation (e.g. low interest rates), some of the contributing factors in, as the programme showed for example, London are very different to those in Cumnock, a former mining town in East Ayrshire. To understand how these housing crises vary by location, we identified five of perhaps the most important reasons presented as the underlying cause of a housing crisis. The following charts highlight these five reasons.

Using a database of housing market and economic indicators across the UK, we sought to rank each local authority according to the five crises. This allowed us to identify locations where each of the five crises are most severe. However, this does not mean that a low ranking immediately suggests that this area is not affected by the crisis in question. Even at the local authority level there can be a wide range of housing markets, each with very different characteristics.

The following buttons will show an interactive summary chart for individual local authorities along with maps for each of the five crises to illustrate where they are most prevalent at a local authority level.

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