Data Guide

Housing Data Guide

To help you know what’s important and which data are reliable, we’ve developed a simple medal ranking for housing data. It provides a quick visual reference that will enable you to see whether the data is reliable and worth paying attention to.

Gold Data – No data is perfect but this is the best we’ve got. We regularly use and rely on this data to stay informed about the market and make decisions. We’d call the market using this data (once we’ve got a trend over 2-3 months).
Silver Data – Data that is still very useful but it’s not freely available or we have some concerns about its methodology, volatility or coverage. We use it regularly, sometimes just as leading indicators, but carefully and with reference to other data sets where possible.
Bronze Data – We have concerns about this data and there’s a big risk of mis-using it. All data is useful but we only use Bronze Data when absolutely necessary. Its methodology, coverage, volatility or transparency concern us. Ideally we’d use other data but sometimes it doesn’t exist. It may still have value if used carefully.
SourceCategoryReleaseMedalDescriptionExternal Link
NationwideHouse PricesHouse Price IndexNational/regional house prices indices, mortgage payment affordability, house price to earnings ratiosLink
HalifaxHouse PricesHouse Price IndexData series not publicly availableLink
RightmoveHouse PricesHouse Price IndexData series not publicly availableLink
LSL AcadataHouse PricesHouse Price IndexNational/regional house prices, Scottish local authoritiesLink
HometrackHouse PricesUK Cities House Price IndexData series not publicly availableLink
ONSHouse PricesHouse Price IndexNational, regional, local authority house prices incl. by property type, cash/mortgage, first-time buyers/movers, new build/2nd hand. Also sale counts and reposessionsLink
HMLRHouse PricesPrice Paid DataIndividual residential property transactions since 1995 incl date, price address, property type, leasehold/freeholdLink
ONSHouse PricesHouse Price Per Sq M & Per RoomLocal authorities in England and Wales, 2004 to 2016, flats & housesLink
ONSHousingONS Housing affordability in England and WalesLink
ONSHousingONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings (ASHE)Link
VOAHousingVOA RentsLink
MHCLGHousingMHCLG LA/HA rentsLink
MHCLGHousingMHCLG Council TaxbaseLink
UK FinanceHousingUK Finance Mortgage Lending Within UK PostcodesLink
ONSHousingONS Social Mobility IndexLink
ONSHousingONS Regional Labour MarketLink
ONSONS Gross Disposable IncomeLink
ONSONS Gross Value AddedLink
MHCLGMHCLG Energy Performance of Buildings CertificatesLink
ONSONS Population EstimatesLink
ONSONS Household ProjectionsLink
ONSONS Household ProjectionsLink
ONSONS Population EstimatesLink
MHCLGMHCLG Household ProjectionsLink
MHCLGMHCLG Live Tables on Dwelling StockLink
MHCLGMHCLG Council TaxbaseLink
MHCLGMHCLG Homelessness StatisticsLink
ONSONS Population EstimatesLink
ONSONS Internal MigrationLink
ONSONS Population EstimatesLink
VOAVOA Council Tax BandsLink
VOAVOA Council tax: stock of propertiesLink
MHCLGMHCLG Energy Performance of Buildings CertificatesLink
MHCLGMHCLG Indices of DeprivationLink
ONSONS Personal Well-BeingLink
ONSONS Subnational Population ProjectionsLink
ONSONS Life ExpectancyLink
ONSONS Deaths RegisteredLink
PHELA Health ProfilesLink
MHCLGMHCLG Energy Performance of Buildings CertificatesLink
CopernicusCORINE Land CoverLink
DFTDfT Journey Time StatisticsLink
ONSConstructionOutput in the Construction IndustryLink
ONSConstructionNew Orders in the Construction IndustryLink
ONSConstructionConstruction Statistics Annual TablesLink
ONSConstructionConstruction Output Price IndicesLink
ONSConstructionOutput in the Construction Industry: All Work SummaryLink