LA Market Reports

Local Authority Housing Market Reports

Local authorityRegionHeadline Market ReportDetailed Market ReportAnnual House
Price Change
AdurSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
AllerdaleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.2%
Amber ValleyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
ArunSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.5%
AshfieldEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.5%
AshfordSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
Aylesbury ValeSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
BaberghEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link0.6%
Barking and DagenhamLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.3%
BarnetLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.9%
BarnsleyYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
Barrow-in-FurnessNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.7%
BasildonEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link3.1%
Basingstoke and DeaneSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.4%
BassetlawEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.5%
Bath and NE SomersetSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link4.5%
BedfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.4%
BexleyLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
BirminghamWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
BlabyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
Blackburn with DarwenNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link0.1%
BlackpoolNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.1%
BolsoverEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
BoltonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.7%
BostonEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
Bournemouth, Christchurch and PooleSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link0.7%
Bracknell ForestSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
BradfordYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link0.4%
BraintreeEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.8%
BrecklandEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.2%
BrentLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
BrentwoodEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.2%
Brighton and HoveSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
BristolSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link4.3%
BroadlandEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.9%
BromleyLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-0.2%
BromsgroveWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.6%
BroxbourneEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-3.2%
BroxtoweEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link5.3%
BurnleyNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link6.0%
BuryNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
CalderdaleYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
CambridgeEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link4.5%
CamdenLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-1.1%
Cannock ChaseWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.5%
CanterburySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.6%
CarlisleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.0%
Castle PointEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link0.9%
Central BedfordshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.0%
CharnwoodEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.0%
ChelmsfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.8%
CheltenhamSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.1%
CherwellSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
Cheshire EastNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.8%
Cheshire West and ChesterNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.9%
ChesterfieldEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.3%
ChichesterSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link5.3%
ChilternSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.2%
ChorleyNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.1%
City of LondonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link14.7%
ColchesterEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.7%
CopelandNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link4.0%
CorbyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.8%
CornwallSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.2%
CotswoldSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.0%
County DurhamNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.7%
CoventryWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.9%
CravenYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link3.1%
CrawleySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.0%
CroydonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
DacorumEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.2%
DarlingtonNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.6%
DartfordSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.4%
DaventryEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.9%
DerbyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
Derbyshire DalesEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.7%
DoncasterYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link3.2%
DorsetSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
DoverSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
DudleyWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
EalingLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.8%
East CambridgeshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.1%
East DevonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.1%
East HampshireSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link4.4%
East HertfordshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
East LindseyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.3%
East NorthamptonshireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
East Riding of YorkshireYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
East StaffordshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.9%
East SuffolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
EastbourneSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.2%
EastleighSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.2%
EdenNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link0.0%
ElmbridgeSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
EnfieldLondonPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
Epping ForestEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
Epsom and EwellSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link3.4%
ErewashEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
ExeterSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link0.9%
FarehamSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.8%
FenlandEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
Folkestone and HytheSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link4.2%
Forest of DeanSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link0.4%
FyldeNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link5.2%
GatesheadNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.3%
GedlingEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.5%
GloucesterSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
GosportSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
GraveshamSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.2%
Great YarmouthEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
GreenwichLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.8%
GuildfordSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.1%
HackneyLondonPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
HaltonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link0.4%
HambletonYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link2.1%
Hammersmith and FulhamLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-2.7%
HarboroughEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
HaringeyLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.9%
HarlowEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
HarrogateYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link0.8%
HarrowLondonPDF LinkPDF Link0.9%
HartSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
HartlepoolNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.4%
HastingsSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.6%
HavantSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link3.7%
HaveringLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
HerefordshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.8%
HertsmereEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.5%
High PeakEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.6%
HillingdonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link2.2%
Hinckley and BosworthEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.9%
HorshamSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.0%
HounslowLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.6%
HullYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
HuntingdonshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
HyndburnNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link5.0%
IpswichEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link0.0%
Isle of WightSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.9%
IslingtonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link6.6%
Kensington and ChelseaLondonPDF LinkPDF Link6.0%
KetteringEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.6%
King's Lynn and West NorfolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link0.7%
Kingston upon ThamesLondonPDF LinkPDF Link0.1%
KirkleesYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
KnowsleyNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.3%
LambethLondonPDF LinkPDF Link4.0%
LancasterNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.6%
LeedsYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link2.9%
LeicesterEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link6.7%
LewesSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.3%
LewishamLondonPDF LinkPDF Link3.2%
LichfieldWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link6.1%
LincolnEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
LiverpoolNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.0%
LutonEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-1.3%
MaidstoneSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.0%
MaldonEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
Malvern HillsWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.3%
ManchesterNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.3%
MansfieldEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.3%
MedwaySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.4%
MeltonEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.5%
MendipSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.9%
MertonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link2.7%
Mid DevonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link4.2%
Mid SuffolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link0.8%
Mid SussexSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
MiddlesbroughNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.2%
Milton KeynesSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.9%
Mole ValleySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
New ForestSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.0%
Newark and SherwoodEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
Newcastle upon TyneNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.2%
Newcastle-under-LymeWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.8%
NewhamLondonPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
North DevonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.4%
North East DerbyshireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
North East LincolnshireYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link1.2%
North HertfordshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.3%
North KestevenEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
North LincolnshireYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
North NorfolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.6%
North SomersetSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
North TynesideNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link3.2%
North WarwickshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
North West LeicestershireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.6%
NorthamptonEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.3%
NorthumberlandNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link3.3%
NorwichEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.1%
NottinghamEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link6.8%
Nuneaton and BedworthWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.3%
Oadby and WigstonEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.6%
OldhamNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link5.8%
OxfordSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.3%
PendleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link4.6%
PeterboroughEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
PlymouthSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.9%
PortsmouthSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.2%
PrestonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.9%
ReadingSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.6%
RedbridgeLondonPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
Redcar and ClevelandNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.4%
RedditchWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.3%
Reigate and BansteadSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link3.7%
Ribble ValleyNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
Richmond upon ThamesLondonPDF LinkPDF Link5.7%
RichmondshireYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link2.0%
RochdaleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.7%
RochfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-1.5%
RossendaleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link6.0%
RotherSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.9%
RotherhamYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link1.1%
RugbyWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.7%
RunnymedeSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link3.6%
RushcliffeEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
RushmoorSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.3%
RutlandEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.6%
RyedaleYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link3.1%
SalfordNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.0%
SandwellWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.5%
ScarboroughYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link4.1%
SedgemoorSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
SeftonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.6%
SelbyYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link2.7%
SevenoaksSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.7%
SheffieldYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
ShropshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
SloughSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.9%
SolihullWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.8%
Somerset West and TauntonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
South BucksSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.0%
South CambridgeshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.0%
South DerbyshireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
South GloucestershireSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.1%
South HamsSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link4.3%
South HollandEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.1%
South KestevenEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
South LakelandNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link0.1%
South NorfolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link4.7%
South NorthamptonshireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.2%
South OxfordshireSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link5.1%
South RibbleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.2%
South SomersetSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.4%
South StaffordshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link6.8%
South TynesideNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.8%
SouthamptonSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
Southend-on-SeaEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
SouthwarkLondonPDF LinkPDF Link3.1%
SpelthorneSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.7%
St AlbansEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.9%
St HelensNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link5.1%
StaffordWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.0%
Staffordshire MoorlandsWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link5.1%
StevenageEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-2.6%
StockportNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link4.2%
Stockton-on-TeesNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
Stoke-on-TrentWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.1%
Stratford-on-AvonWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.1%
StroudSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.5%
SunderlandNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.5%
Surrey HeathSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.7%
SuttonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
SwaleSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
SwindonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
TamesideNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link4.3%
TamworthWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link5.0%
TandridgeSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link3.1%
TeignbridgeSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
Telford and WrekinWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.7%
TendringEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.2%
Test ValleySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link4.6%
TewkesburySouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.8%
ThanetSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
Three RiversEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.6%
ThurrockEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.4%
Tonbridge and MallingSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.2%
TorbaySouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.3%
TorridgeSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
Tower HamletsLondonPDF LinkPDF Link5.8%
TraffordNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link4.9%
Tunbridge WellsSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.1%
UttlesfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.9%
Vale of White HorseSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.3%
WakefieldYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
WalsallWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.7%
Waltham ForestLondonPDF LinkPDF Link4.4%
WandsworthLondonPDF LinkPDF Link4.0%
WarringtonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.3%
WarwickWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.3%
WatfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
WaverleySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link4.4%
WealdenSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.0%
WellingboroughEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.3%
Welwyn HatfieldEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
West BerkshireSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.1%
West DevonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-3.6%
West LancashireNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
West LindseyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.4%
West OxfordshireSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link5.6%
West SuffolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
WestminsterLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
WiganNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.1%
WiltshireSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.8%
WinchesterSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.4%
Windsor and MaidenheadSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
WirralNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-2.1%
WokingSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
WokinghamSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link4.2%
WolverhamptonWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link3.7%
WorcesterWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.6%
WorthingSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.1%
WychavonWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
WycombeSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.2%
WyreNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.6%
Wyre ForestWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link4.4%
YorkYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%