LA Market Reports

Local Housing Market Reports

There is a longer delay in sales being registered with Land Registry due to the challenges created by the pandemic and the current boom in activity. As such, the number of sales in recent months are a lower proportion of total numbers than usual. This means any pricing data may be subject to large revisions while any declines in transactions may reflect data issues rather than actual market trends. You can read more about the issue in our Digging Deeper report.

Local authorityRegionHeadline Market ReportDetailed Market ReportAnnual House Price Change
AdurSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-5.9%
Amber ValleyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.0%
ArunSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.7%
AshfieldEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-7.0%
AshfordSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-3.1%
BaberghEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
Barking and DagenhamLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-3.5%
BarnetLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-2.9%
BarnsleyYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-1.1%
BasildonEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-1.5%
Basingstoke and DeaneSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-3.7%
BassetlawEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-2.2%
Bath and NE SomersetSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.5%
BedfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-1.7%
BexleyLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-5.0%
BirminghamWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-2.9%
BlabyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
Blackburn with DarwenNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.4%
BlackpoolNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.8%
BolsoverEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.9%
BoltonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.3%
BostonEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-5.4%
Bournemouth, Christchurch and PooleSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-6.3%
Bracknell ForestSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.6%
BradfordYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-1.8%
BraintreeEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-3.4%
BrecklandEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-2.2%
BrentLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-0.8%
BrentwoodEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-3.9%
Brighton and HoveSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-5.6%
BroadlandEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-2.1%
BromleyLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-2.3%
BromsgroveWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.7%
BroxbourneEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-4.0%
BroxtoweEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
BuckinghamshireSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
BurnleyNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-7.0%
BuryNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.5%
CalderdaleSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
CambridgeEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link0.1%
CamdenLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-10.8%
Cannock ChaseWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-2.7%
CanterburySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-7.6%
Castle PointEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-5.2%
Central BedfordshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-4.1%
CharnwoodEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-4.5%
ChelmsfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-3.0%
CheltenhamSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.3%
CherwellSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.9%
Cheshire EastNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.6%
Cheshire West and ChesterNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-2.1%
ChesterfieldEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
ChichesterSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.6%
ChorleyNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
BristolSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.7%
DerbyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.4%
HullYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-4.1%
City of LondonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-12.7%
NottinghamEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-3.4%
PeterboroughEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-4.4%
PlymouthSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.8%
WestminsterLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-16.9%
ColchesterEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-5.2%
CornwallSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-4.2%
CotswoldSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.8%
County DurhamNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-3.0%
CoventryWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-3.5%
CrawleySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.2%
CroydonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-6.7%
CumberlandNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.0%
DacorumEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-4.2%
DarlingtonNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.0%
DartfordSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.7%
Derbyshire DalesEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-2.4%
DoncasterYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-2.6%
DorsetSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.9%
DoverSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.5%
DudleyWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
EalingLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-5.5%
East CambridgeshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link5.5%
East DevonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link6.0%
East HampshireSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-3.0%
East HertfordshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.2%
East LindseyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.9%
East Riding of YorkshireYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-0.7%
East StaffordshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
East SuffolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.9%
EastbourneSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-8.6%
EastleighSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.0%
ElmbridgeSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.8%
EnfieldLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-4.2%
Epping ForestEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-3.2%
Epsom and EwellSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.2%
ErewashEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.9%
ExeterSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-5.5%
FarehamSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-5.0%
FenlandEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-8.9%
Folkestone and HytheSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.0%
Forest of DeanSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-6.5%
FyldeNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.7%
GatesheadNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.2%
GedlingEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.6%
GloucesterSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.8%
GosportSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-10.9%
GraveshamSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.5%
Great YarmouthEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-8.0%
GreenwichLondonPDF LinkPDF Link0.1%
GuildfordSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.5%
HackneyLondonPDF LinkPDF Link1.2%
HaltonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.5%
Hammersmith and FulhamLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-8.3%
HarboroughEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.4%
HaringeyLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-2.6%
HarlowEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-1.6%
HarrowLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-1.7%
HartSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.7%
HartlepoolNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-7.5%
HastingsSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-6.7%
HavantSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.5%
HaveringLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-4.1%
HerefordshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.4%
HertsmereEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-4.3%
High PeakEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.6%
HillingdonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-4.2%
Hinckley and BosworthEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.8%
HorshamSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-3.5%
HounslowLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-3.4%
HuntingdonshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-2.5%
HyndburnNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-4.0%
IpswichEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-9.3%
Isle of WightSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.9%
IslingtonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-2.5%
Kensington and ChelseaLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-12.0%
King's Lynn and West NorfolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-3.9%
Kingston upon ThamesLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-2.5%
KirkleesYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-0.6%
KnowsleyNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.5%
LambethLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-5.2%
LancasterNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
LeedsYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link0.7%
LeicesterEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
LewesSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.8%
LewishamLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-5.9%
LichfieldWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.7%
LincolnEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-6.7%
LiverpoolNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
LutonEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-4.9%
MaidstoneSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
MaldonEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-2.5%
Malvern HillsWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.2%
ManchesterNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.5%
MansfieldEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.9%
MedwaySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-3.3%
MeltonEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
MertonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-3.9%
Mid DevonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.6%
Mid SuffolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-3.0%
Mid SussexSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.0%
MiddlesbroughNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.4%
Milton KeynesSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link0.7%
Mole ValleySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.8%
New ForestSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-3.9%
Newark and SherwoodEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.9%
Newcastle upon TyneNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link3.7%
Newcastle-under-LymeWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-4.6%
NewhamLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-3.8%
North DevonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-7.3%
North East DerbyshireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-4.8%
North East LincolnshireYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link0.5%
North HertfordshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-2.2%
North KestevenEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.6%
North LincolnshireYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-4.3%
North NorfolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.9%
North NorthamptonshireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.9%
North SomersetSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.8%
North TynesideNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.6%
North WarwickshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link1.0%
North West LeicestershireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link5.9%
North YorkshireYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
NorthumberlandNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.9%
NorwichEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-4.2%
Nuneaton and BedworthWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.1%
Oadby and WigstonEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-7.0%
OldhamNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
OxfordSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link1.3%
PendleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-6.4%
PortsmouthSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-5.5%
PrestonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.1%
ReadingSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-7.7%
RedbridgeLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-3.6%
Redcar and ClevelandNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link2.6%
RedditchWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.5%
Reigate and BansteadSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.7%
Ribble ValleyNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link3.8%
Richmond upon ThamesLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-0.5%
RochdaleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.3%
RochfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-6.2%
RossendaleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link7.4%
RotherSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.1%
RotherhamYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-0.8%
RugbyWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.6%
RunnymedeSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.8%
RushcliffeEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-2.9%
RushmoorSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.0%
RutlandEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.0%
SalfordNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-5.1%
SandwellWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
SeftonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link1.5%
SevenoaksSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.2%
SheffieldYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-1.5%
ShropshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-3.5%
SloughSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-5.1%
SolihullWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-3.7%
SomersetSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.9%
South CambridgeshireEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.6%
South DerbyshireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link2.5%
South GloucestershireSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-3.3%
South HamsSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link8.2%
South HollandEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-6.5%
South KestevenEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.1%
South NorfolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-0.2%
South OxfordshireSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.0%
South RibbleNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.1%
South StaffordshireWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.5%
South TynesideNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.6%
SouthamptonSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-7.2%
Southend-on-SeaEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-5.2%
SouthwarkLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-2.0%
SpelthorneSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.1%
St AlbansEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
St HelensNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-2.5%
StaffordWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-0.1%
Staffordshire MoorlandsWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-2.8%
StevenageEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-4.8%
StockportNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.9%
Stockton-on-TeesNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.5%
Stoke-on-TrentWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.5%
Stratford-on-AvonWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
StroudSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link5.3%
SunderlandNorth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
Surrey HeathSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-7.1%
SuttonLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-4.6%
SwaleSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.4%
SwindonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-2.0%
TamesideNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
TamworthWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-3.1%
TandridgeSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.2%
TeignbridgeSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-2.8%
Telford and WrekinWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.4%
TendringEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-3.9%
Test ValleySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-3.9%
TewkesburySouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.3%
ThanetSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-9.5%
Three RiversEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-1.4%
ThurrockEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-6.2%
Tonbridge and MallingSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-5.8%
TorbaySouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-3.7%
TorridgeSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-9.5%
Tower HamletsLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-4.2%
TraffordNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.5%
Tunbridge WellsSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.9%
UttlesfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-1.2%
Vale of White HorseSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-3.3%
WakefieldYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-1.2%
WalsallWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.4%
Waltham ForestLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-1.8%
WandsworthLondonPDF LinkPDF Link-1.7%
WarringtonNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link0.7%
WarwickWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.2%
WatfordEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-4.8%
WaverleySouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-5.5%
WealdenSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.0%
Welwyn HatfieldEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-2.1%
West BerkshireSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-4.1%
West DevonSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link0.6%
West LancashireNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link5.9%
West LindseyEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-5.5%
West NorthamptonshireEast MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-4.1%
West OxfordshireSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.3%
West SuffolkEast of EnglandPDF LinkPDF Link-2.2%
Westmorland and FurnessNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link2.7%
WiganNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-2.9%
WiltshireSouth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-0.8%
WinchesterSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link5.7%
Windsor and MaidenheadSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-2.0%
WirralNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.1%
WokingSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.3%
WokinghamSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-1.8%
WolverhamptonWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-3.8%
WorcesterWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.7%
WorthingSouth EastPDF LinkPDF Link-0.7%
WychavonWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link0.4%
WyreNorth WestPDF LinkPDF Link-1.7%
Wyre ForestWest MidlandsPDF LinkPDF Link-1.7%
YorkYorkshire and The HumberPDF LinkPDF Link-3.1%

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