What Does It All Mean?

The expanding interest in the UK housing market has created an explosion in the volume and sources of information and data. It has become bewildering to absorb and process. For any business it is now extremely time consuming to filter and keep on top of every data release, news story, report or commentary that might prove of interest. Especially when all you want to know is what’s important and what does it mean.

With that in mind, we have launched a new research service led and underpinned by the knowledge, experience, and curiosity of leading independent industry experts. It is designed to help you rapidly select and focus on the market data, news, and trends that matter to you and to understand what it all means to your business.

This subscription service aims to provide a valuable and highly cost-effective tool that keeps you informed efficiently and effectively. A team of experts you can tailor to your needs.

The Team

Neal Hudson
Residential Analysts
Nick Gregori
Canal Street Research
Brian Green


Standard Price
£5,000+VAT per year
Discounted Price*
£2,000 +VAT per year

*Discounted price is available for charities, local authorities, housing associations, and SME’s. Additional user logins available for £250+VAT per year per user

Research Services

Instant InfoQuick analysis of new data, reports, and events informing you what’s happened. This includes at-a-glance indicators for what’s changed and whether you should pay attention or not. More detail would be available at a click if required.
Keep Up-To-Date Weekly summaries of Instant Info with additional analysis featuring simple charts and maps covering the most important data, trends and stories during the previous seven days. Monthly monitoring of the national market highlighting and commenting on important trends and issues.
Digging Deeper In-depth analysis and reports that provide more detail on data and issues while examining possible emerging trends. This includes regularly updated local market reports covering house prices and transactions with short-term forecasts, and local development market reports.
Things You Need to Know A broad church of information covering reports and standing resources that are occasionally updated. This includes briefings on key topics such as the big issues of the day, a look behind important news stories, policy background and analysis, data guides, and other resources.
Our Research, Your Choice Choose how and when you want to receive our research. We offer our research via email, our website, our private Twitter account @BuiltPlace, WhatsApp, and our online/phone-in presentations.
Research ConsultancyWe aim to provide an open and responsive research service that tackles the issues that are important to your business. If you are looking for specific research that can’t be met by our subscription service then we can guide you in commissioning research from the BuiltPlace network or other experts.

For more information please contact Neal or you can download a PDF version of this page here